What happens if I use too much contact lens solution?

What happens if I use too much contact lens solution featured

What happens if I use too much contact lens solution?


Using too much contact lens solution can lead to overhydration of the lenses. Our eyes have a natural salt balance, and an excessive amount of water can break down that balance. This leads to the lenses becoming too hydrated and causing discomfort, blurry vision and a tearing effect. This can quickly become a vicious cycle as the wearer tries to compensate by adding more solution, further exacerbating the issue.

Corneal Abrasions

Another issue that arises with the excessive use of contact lens solution is corneal abrasions. The solution might contain harsh chemicals that can cause scratches or minor abrasions to the eye’s surface. Scratches can make the eye more vulnerable to infections that can cause more serious problems. In addition, as the eye tries to heal itself, it produces more tears that can wash away the solution, making it ineffective.

Redness and Irritation

Using too much contact lens solution also poses a risk of redness and irritation to the eyes. The chemicals in the solution can irritate the sensitive tissues of your eye, leading to redness or swelling. In addition, the preservatives present in some solutions can also cause irritation, leading to discomfort and dryness, making the eyes more prone to infection.

Build-Up of Bacteria

Along with the above problems, overusing contact solution can also cause the buildup of bacteria that can lead to infections. Bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms can quickly multiply in the solution, leading to an infection when the lenses are inserted. This can cause serious problems that can lead to vision loss or even blindness, as untreated infections can lead to further complications.

Worsening of Other Eye Problems

People with existing eye problems, such as dry eyes, allergies or infections, can further worsen their conditions by using too much contact lens solution. Overhydration and overuse of the solution can irritate the eyes’ tissues, causing further dryness and irritation. Similarly, if the solution used is contaminated or stale, it can exacerbate an existing infection, making it more challenging for the doctor to treat.

In conclusion, using too much contact lens solution can lead to several issues that can harm the eyes. It is essential to use the correct amount of solution recommended by the manufacturer or your eye doctor, and follow the guidelines for hygiene and the duration of use. Paying attention to these details can help reduce the risk of eye problems and ensure that you enjoy a comfortable and healthy contact lens experience

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