What are the different types of garden spades?

What are the different types of garden spades featured

The Different Types of Garden Spades

Gardening is one of the most fulfilling and satisfying hobbies you can engage in, especially if you have the right tools to make your work easier. Among the essential tools for any gardener is a garden spade. A garden spade helps you move around the soil, cut through roots, and maintain plant beds. But did you know that there are different types of garden spades? In this article, we’ll explore the various types of garden spades and their features.

The Traditional Garden Spade

The traditional garden spade is the most basic type of spade. It features a flat, rectangular blade that’s either straight or slightly curved. The blade is fixed to a long handle that allows you to use both hands to apply force and push it into the soil. Traditional garden spades also come in different blade sizes, with most of them measuring between six and nine inches. This type of garden spade is ideal for cutting through roots and slicing through soil clumps.

The Digging Spade

Digging spades are similar to traditional garden spades in terms of blade and handle construction. However, they have a more pointed blade and curved cutting edges on the top side. These features give it a slicing action, making it ideal for digging and cutting through grass and soil. The pointed tip allows you to penetrate the ground, while the curved edges assist in lifting clumps of soil and grass.

The Trenching Spade

If you’re looking for a garden spade that’s ideal for digging trenches, then the trenching spade is the one for you. Trenching spades have very straight blades that are narrow and long, allowing you to dig straight and deep trenches with ease. Additionally, trenching spades have a flat and narrow tip, making it easy for you to cut a clean line into the soil and dig with precision.

The Border Spade

Border spades are smaller than traditional garden spades and are ideal for use in garden beds with confined spaces. They feature a flat and straight blade that measures between four and six inches and is perfect for maintaining plant beds. Border spades come in handy when you want to dig around plant roots and maintain raised beds. They’re also ideal for creating precise edges, such as those required for flower beds and garden paths.

The Edging Spade

The edging spade is the perfect garden spade for creating that polished lawn edge you’ve always wanted. It features a flat and thin blade that’s designed to cut through grass and soil with ease. Additionally, edging spades feature a half-moon cutting edge on the top side that enables precise cuts and curves for a neat and professional-looking lawn.

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