What are the best hiking sandals?

What are the best hiking sandals featured

The Benefits of Hiking Sandals

Hiking sandals are the perfect combination of comfort and reliability. They can provide you with enough protection for your feet while giving your skin a chance to breathe. Unlike hiking boots, they are lightweight and easy to wear, making them suitable for both beginners and seasoned hikers. With proper care, hiking sandals can last for years, helping you save money and time.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Hiking Sandals

Choosing the right hiking sandals can be overwhelming, but there are several factors you need to consider before making a purchase. The type of terrain you’ll be hiking, the level of support you require, and the type of closure system you prefer are all important. A good pair of hiking sandals should have a durable sole, comfortable fit, and adequate protection, among other things. You should also check if the sandals you’re considering have features that prevent blisters, such as moisture-wicking material.

The Best Hiking Sandals for Men

There are countless hiking sandals for men on the market, but some are better than others. Among the top-rated brands are Teva, KEEN, and Chaco. Teva’s Hurricane XLT2 is a versatile and affordable option that provides excellent traction on all types of terrain. KEEN’s Newport H2 is a classic and durable choice with a protective toe cap, while Chaco’s Z/1 Classic is perfect for hikers who require more arch support.

The Best Hiking Sandals for Women

Women also have a wide range of hiking sandals to choose from, but some stand out from the crowd. KEEN’s Whisper is a top-rated option that is both lightweight and supportive, with a bungee closure system that ensures a snug fit. Chaco’s ZX/2 Classic is another popular choice, with a customizable strap design that provides all-day comfort. If you’re looking for something more affordable, Merrell’s Terran Lattice II is a budget-friendly hiking sandal that is also stylish enough for casual wear.

Caring for Your Hiking Sandals

Proper care is essential if you want your hiking sandals to last for multiple seasons. After each hike, you should remove any dirt or debris and allow the sandals to air dry. If your sandals get wet, you should also stuff them with newspaper to help them retain their shape. Additionally, you should avoid exposing your sandals to extreme heat or cold, as this can damage them. With proper care, your hiking sandals can provide you with years of comfortable and reliable use.

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