What are the benefits of using a deodorant without aluminum?

What are the benefits of using a deodorant without aluminum featured

The Dangers of Aluminum in Deodorants

Aluminum is commonly found in antiperspirants or deodorants, and it has been linked to various health issues. Use of deodorants containing aluminum may increase the risk of Alzheimer’s, breast cancer, and kidney problems. Aluminum is also harmful to the environment, and it contributes to air pollution.

Maintaining a Natural Body Odor

Body odor is natural and normal, and it is caused by bacteria on our skin. Deodorants containing aluminum block the sweat glands and prevent sweating, hence preventing body odor. However, using a deodorant without aluminum allows sweating, which is a natural process of our body. The natural odor of our body can be controlled by frequent showering, wearing clean clothes, and eating a healthy diet.

Non-Toxic and Safe for Sensitive Skin

Deodorants containing aluminum may cause skin irritation, rashes, and allergic reactions. Some people have sensitive skin that is easily irritated by chemicals and metals. Switching to a deodorant without aluminum can help prevent skin irritation and rashes. Deodorants without aluminum usually contain natural ingredients such as essential oils, baking soda, and shea butter, which are gentle and non-toxic.

Environmental Benefits of Using Deodorants without Aluminum

Deodorants containing aluminum come in plastic containers that end up in landfills and oceans, contributing to environmental pollution. The manufacturing process of aluminum also releases harmful gases that cause air pollution. Switching to a deodorant without aluminum reduces plastic waste and minimizes the harmful impact on the environment.

Ethical Reasons to Use Deodorants without Aluminum

The extraction and processing of aluminum require a lot of energy, and the mining process can damage the environment and cause ecological imbalances. In many cases, aluminum mining involves exploitation of vulnerable communities who are forced to work in dangerous conditions for low wages. Choosing a deodorant without aluminum is a way to support ethical and sustainable practices and avoid contributing to exploitation and damage to the environment.

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