What are some unique DIY ashtray ideas?

What are some unique DIY ashtray ideas featured

5 Unique DIY Ashtray Ideas to Try Today

Smokers often face a common problem – they don’t know what to do with their cigarettes once they’re done smoking them. While there are many ashtrays available in the market, making one can be a fun little craft project that can help you repurpose everyday items.

Use a Glass Bottle

If you have any empty glass bottles lying around, they can make great DIY ashtrays. All you need to do is drill a hole in the cap of the bottle, so your cigarette can rest in it. The glass will protect the surface from ashes and cigarette butts, making it an ideal solution.

Create a Miniature Garden

You can make a miniature garden on a tray and utilize it as an ashtray. By filling it with sand or crushed stones, you can create a small zen garden. For a touch of fun, add miniature figurines or cute cactus plants to give it a little personality.

Get Creative with Clay

Clay is an excellent material to mould and create unique ashtray designs. Whether you prefer intricate carvings or simple shapes, molding your ashtray offers a lot of opportunities for creativity. For a personal touch, consider painting it in patterns or colors that match your personality.

Use a Coffee Mug

For an unconventional ashtray, try repurposing a coffee mug by filling it with sand or clay, and drilling a hole in the bottom. This will give you an ashtray that’s built into a convenient coffee mug.

Create a Stylish Concrete Ashtray

Concrete can be an excellent, low-cost material for a DIY ashtray. You can use any shapes of cardboard, such as a square or a circular one, and create a mould using the cardboard. Fill it with the concrete mixture and let it set overnight for the perfect ashtray. You can paint the finished product in your desired colour, or leave it with a faux stone finish!

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