What are some trendy blazer designs for 2021?

What are some trendy blazer designs for 2021 featured

Discover the Hottest Blazer Styles for 2021

Blazers have long been a staple of the professional wardrobe. However, 2021 is showcasing these timeless jackets with a twist. From bold hues to unique materials, the blazer designs of the year are taking center stage in both the office and off-duty attire.

Power Up With a Shoulder Pad Blazer

Shoulder pads are making a comeback in a big way with broadened shoulders dominating the runways. Channel the 80s and opt for a structured silhouette that exudes power and confidence. This style, when paired with a sleek pencil skirt or skinny jeans, will take your look to the next level.

Go Bold With Bright Colored Blazers

Step outside the box with bright colored blazers that make a statement. Vibrant hues, such as fuchsia, lime green, and electric blue, are trending this year. Pair these pieces with neutral shades, such as black or beige, for a harmonious balance.

Get Textured With Va Va Velvet Blazers

Velvet is a rich fabric that adds depth to any blazer. This soft and luxurious material is perfect for working from home or elegant nights out. Use bold shades to make a statement, or opt for darker shades for a sophisticated look.

Mix it Up With Printed Blazer Designs

Show off your personality with printed blazers. Choose from abstract shapes, floral prints, or even animal patterns. This playful twist on a classic design is perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to your wardrobe. For chic style, pair these blazers with skinny jeans and a white top.

These are just some of the latest and hottest blazer designs for 2021. From the professional shoulder pad blazer to the fun and playful printed styles, there’s a blazer designed to fit everyone’s unique style. So why not update your wardrobe and level up your style game with one or all of these trending jacket designs?

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