what are some DIY desk ideas?

what are some DIY desk ideas featured

5 DIY Desk Ideas to Upgrade Your Workspace

If you’re tired of your boring, basic desk and want to spruce up your workspace, you’ve come to the right place! These five DIY desk ideas are easy to follow and will add a unique touch to your home office or workspace.

Repurpose a Vintage Door

Take a trip to your local flea market or thrift store and look for an old door with character. Sand off any rough areas and give it a fresh coat of paint or stain. Then, add desk legs or sawhorses for support. Not only will you have a one-of-a-kind desk, but you’ll also have a conversation starter.

Create a Floating Desk

If you’re short on space, a floating desk is a great option. Mount a sturdy shelf onto the wall at the height you prefer and add brackets for support. Then, attach a piece of wood or a countertop onto the shelf to create your workspace. This desk is not only functional but also adds a modern touch to any room.

Build Your Desk with Plumbing Pipes

If you want an industrial, rustic look, consider building your desk with plumbing pipes. Follow online tutorials to learn how to assemble the pipes into a sturdy frame. Then, add a wooden tabletop that fits onto the frame. This desk is not only durable but also practical for those who need extra storage. You can hang files, shelves or a monitor from the pipes.

Use a Vintage Suitcase

If you love all things vintage, use a suitcase as your desk. Find a sturdy suitcase and add legs or sawhorses for support. Then, add a piece of glass, plexiglass, or MDF to the top of the suitcase to create a flat surface. This desk is perfect for small spaces and adds a touch of whimsy to any room.

Repurpose Old Cabinets

If you have old cabinets that you’re not using, give them new life by turning them into a desk. Remove the cabinet doors and give them a fresh coat of paint or stain. Then, add a piece of wood to the top to create a workspace. Use the cabinets for storage, and you’ll have a functional and unique desk that’s also eco-friendly.

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