What are platform shoes?

What are platform shoes featured

What Are Platform Shoes?

Platform shoes have been a fashion staple since the 1970s. They are shoes with thick soles and a significant height difference between the heel and the toe. While platform shoes were initially made with wood soles, today, they come in a variety of materials like PVC, rubber, and EVA foam.

A Brief History of Platform Shoes

Platform shoes have been around for centuries, with ancient Greek actors using them to depict different character roles. However, platform shoes became a fashion trend in the 1970s and soon became a symbol of disco culture. People wore them as a fashion statement, and they quickly gained popularity.

Platform Shoes Styles

There are different styles of platform shoes to choose from. Mules, sandals, boots, loafers, and even sneakers have been designed in the platform style. Platform sneakers and loafers are incredibly popular amongst teens and young adults. This versatility makes platform shoes suitable for any occasion – from casual outings to weddings!

How to Style Platform Shoes

When styling platform shoes, it’s essential to consider the occasion and the outfit you want to wear. The key is to balance the shoes’ height with the rest of the outfit, so it doesn’t look overwhelming. If you’re going for a casual look, pair platform sneakers with jeans and a t-shirt. Alternatively, you can dress up platform sandals with a maxi dress or skirt for a summer wedding outfit.

Where to Buy Platform Shoes

You can find platform shoes almost anywhere these days. Brick and mortar stores like Nordstrom, Zara, and TopShop have a variety of options. Additionally, online stores like ASOS, Amazon, and countless independent sellers on Etsy also sell platform shoes. It’s important to pay attention to the material used and the return policy when shopping online.

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