Should I use a specific contact lens solution for my gas permeable lenses?

Should I use a specific contact lens solution for my gas permeable lenses featured

Why gas permeable contact lenses need a specific solution?

Gas permeable contact lenses are rigid and allow oxygen to pass through the lens to your cornea, allowing your eyes to breathe. However, this feature also makes them prone to accumulating deposits and dirt that can cause irritation and potential infection. Using a specific solution designed for gas permeable lenses is essential to keep them clean and maintain their condition.

What makes a specific solution different?

A specific solution for gas permeable contact lenses contains ingredients that effectively remove deposits and dirt from the surface of the lens without damaging it. The solution usually has a higher concentration of preservatives to prevent bacteria and fungi growth, which is more likely to occur with rigid lenses due to their design. Additionally, the solution has a pH that is compatible with the composition of the lens, preventing any potential damage or deformation.

What are the risks of using the wrong solution?

Using the wrong solution for your gas permeable lenses can cause discomfort, irritation, and redness in your eyes. Some solutions may contain harsh chemicals that can damage the lens or cause it to lose its shape, leading to blurry vision. Moreover, using the wrong solution can increase your risk of eye infections, especially if the lens becomes a breeding ground for harmful bacteria or fungi.

Which solution should I use for my gas permeable lenses?

It’s crucial to follow your eye doctor’s instructions and use the solution they recommend for your gas permeable lenses. They will consider factors like the material and condition of your lenses, your eye health, and any sensitivity or allergies you may have. It’s important to never use homemade solutions, tap water, or saliva to clean your lenses, as these can introduce harmful microorganisms into your eyes.

How to properly clean and store your gas permeable lenses?

Proper care and maintenance of your gas permeable lenses are essential to prevent eye infections and ensure their longevity. After removing the lenses from your eyes, clean them with the recommended solution and rub them gently with your fingers to remove deposits. Then, rinse them with the solution and keep them in a clean and dry case until the next use. Remember to replace the solution in the case every day and to avoid exposing your lenses to water or extreme temperatures.

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