How to wear dress shoes?

How to wear dress shoes featured

Determine the dress code

The first step to wearing dress shoes correctly is to determine the dress code of the event or occasion you’ll be attending. This will help you decide what type of dress shoes to wear. For example, if the dress code is formal, you’ll want to wear black or brown leather Oxford shoes, while you can opt for a more casual loafer for a business casual dress code.

Pair with appropriate attire

Dress shoes are designed to be worn with dressier or more formal attire, so it’s important to pair them with the right clothing. A suit and tie, dress pants and button-up shirt, or even a well-fitted pair of jeans all pair well with dress shoes, while gym shorts and a t-shirt do not.

Break them in

New dress shoes can be uncomfortable and take some getting used to, so it’s important to break them in before wearing them to an event. Wear them around the house or out for a short walk to loosen them up and ensure they’re comfortable for hours of wear.

Keep them clean and polished

Like any other type of shoe, dress shoes need to be kept clean and polished to look their best. Invest in a good shoe brush, cleaning solution, and polish to keep them looking sharp for every occasion.

Know when to replace them

As much as we may love a pair of dress shoes, they won’t last forever. When they start to show signs of wear and tear, it’s time to replace them. Look for scuffs, holes, or worn-down soles as a sign that it’s time to invest in a new pair of dress shoes.

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