How to use an electric can opener on a tall or oversized can?

How to use an electric can opener on a tall or oversized can featured

Why Electric Can Openers are Convenient

Electric can openers are a lifesaver when it comes to opening cans in the kitchen, especially those with tough and thick lids. It’s effortless and more efficient than manually opening a can with a traditional can opener. However, when it comes to tall and oversized cans, some electric can openers may struggle to deliver the job.

Choose an Electric Can Opener with an Adjustable Height Feature

When purchasing an electric can opener, consider one that has an adjustable height feature. This feature will allow you to open tall or oversized cans without worrying about the can being too big for the machine.

Position the Can Correctly

When using an electric can opener on a tall or oversized can, place the can in the correct position. The can opener should be centered on the can, and the blade should be touching the lip of the can. Make sure the can is stable and won’t wobble during the process.

Use a Manual Opener for Partially Opened Cans

Sometimes, electric can openers may struggle with partially opened cans. If the can opener is having difficulty, consider finishing the job with a manual can opener. It’s better to be safe than to leave the job half-done.

Practice Safety Precautions

Lastly, always practice safety precautions when using an electric can opener. Keep your hands away from the blade and make sure the machine is unplugged when cleaning or removing the can. Additionally, always read the instructions manual for proper care and handling.

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