How to use a prayer rug properly?

How to use a prayer rug properly featured

What is a Prayer Rug?

Prayer rug, also known as Sajjada or Janamaz, is a small mat used by Muslims to pray on. It is regarded as a holy item and is traditionally designed with geometric patterns or symbols, providing a clean and comfortable place to perform the mandatory daily prayers.

How to Place the Prayer Rug?

When placing the prayer rug, the direction of the Qibla needs to be taken into account. For those who don’t know, Qibla is the direction that a Muslim faces during their prayer towards the Kaaba in Makkah. The easiest way to find the Qibla direction is to use a compass or Qibla finder app on a smartphone. Once the Qibla direction is established, position the mat so that the top part of the mat faces towards the Qibla.

How to Perform Wudu on a Prayer Rug?

Wudu is a mandatory ritual washing performed by Muslims prior to praying, and it is highly recommended to perform it on the prayer rug. To perform Wudu on the prayer rug, first, remove your shoes and sit on the mat. Begin the ritual washing with the hands, followed by rinsing the mouth and nose. Then, wash your face, right and left arms, head, and feet. Repeat the ritual washing three times. Once done, shake off any excess water from the surface of the rug.

How to Use a Prayer Rug for Prayer?

To perform prayer, stand at the center of the prayer rug, facing the Qibla direction. The rug provides a clean and comfortable space to perform the prescribed movements of the prayer. The Muslim prayer consists of 17 units, starting with the Takbir and ending with the Salam. For each movement like Ruku (bowing) and Sujud (prostration), the rug provides a clean and comfortable surface.

How to Maintain and Store a Prayer Rug?

When not in use, it’s best to roll up the prayer rug and store it in a clean and dry place. If the rug needs cleaning, use a gentle detergent to spot clean any stains or dirt. Avoid using a washing machine or dryer as it can damage the delicate fibers and ruin the design. Regular maintenance and proper storage ensure the longevity and preservation of the prayer rug.

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