How to test the quality of pen ink before buying?

How to test the quality of pen ink before buying featured

Step 1: Read online reviews and ratings

Before buying a pen, it’s important to check online reviews and ratings to get an idea of its quality. Many websites such as Amazon, JetPens, and The Pen Addict offer user reviews and ratings that can give you an idea of how well a pen works. Read reviews from people who have actually used the pen and focus on any common issues mentioned.

Step 2: Look for swatch tests

A swatch test involves writing out a sample of a pen’s ink on a piece of paper to see how it performs. Look for swatch tests posted online by other pen enthusiasts or retailers, such as JetPens’ Best Black Pen for Everyday Use article, which provides samples of different black pens to help you determine the quality of their ink.

Step 3: Check for smudging and bleeding

Another important factor in determining the quality of a pen’s ink is whether it smudges or bleeds. Smudging occurs when the ink smears on the paper, while bleeding occurs when the ink spreads beyond the lines of the writing. Check the reviews and swatch tests mentioned above for any mention of smudging and bleeding, and be wary of pens with a lot of such issues.

Step 4: Try the pen yourself

If possible, try out the pen yourself before buying it. Many stationery stores allow customers to test out pens by writing on a piece of paper. This will give you a chance to experience how the pen writes and determine whether its ink quality suits your liking. Also, make sure to check if the pen feels comfortable and balanced in your hand.

Step 5: Look for refillability

Finally, another factor to consider while testing the quality of pen ink is how easily it can be refilled. Many pens come with cartridges or inkwells that can be replaced or refilled when they run out. Refillable pens are a more sustainable and cost-effective option than disposable ones. Check if the pen you are considering is refillable, and if it is, make sure to note the availability and cost of its cartridges or inkwells.

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