How to style platform shoes?

How to style platform shoes featured

How to Style Platform Shoes?

Wear Them with Wide-Leg Pants

One of the easiest ways to style platform shoes is by wearing them with wide-leg pants. The extra height of the shoes balances out the width of the pants, making for a flattering and on-trend look. Pair black platform shoes with white wide-leg pants for a classic monochromatic outfit or add a pop of color with a bright pair of shoes.

Go Mini with a Dress or Skirt

Platform shoes work especially well with mini dresses and skirts because they add height and elongate the leg. For a playful, laid-back look, wear a printed mini dress with chunky platform sandals. If you prefer a more streamlined look, wear a simple black mini skirt with a pair of sleek platform ankle boots.

Create Contrast with Jeans

Adding a pair of platform shoes to your jeans and t-shirt combination is an easy way to elevate your casual look. Opt for flared or straight-leg jeans to balance out the chunkiness of the platforms. Try wearing light-wash denim with black platforms or dark-wash denim with a metallic silver platform shoe for a fun contrast.

Layer with Socks

Layering socks under platform shoes is a trend that is both practical and stylish. Not only does it provide an extra layer of warmth during cooler months, but it also adds a fun pop of color and texture to your outfit. Try pairing ankle socks with platform sandals or knee-high socks with platform ankle boots.

Dress Them Up with a Jumpsuit

For a sleek and sophisticated look, pair platform shoes with a jumpsuit. The added height and chunkiness of the shoes balance out the clean lines of the jumpsuit, creating a chic and modern silhouette. Opt for a jumpsuit in a solid color and pair with black or metallic platforms for a formal event or dress down with a casual jumpsuit and chunky platform sneakers.

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