How to repurpose old bowls?

How to repurpose old bowls featured

5 Creative Ways to Repurpose Old Bowls

Do you have a bunch of old bowls that are just taking up space in your kitchen cabinets? Instead of tossing them out or letting them collect dust, why not give them new life? Here are five creative and practical ways to repurpose old bowls:

Turn Them into Planters

Transform your old bowls into charming planters for your indoor or outdoor space. Simply fill them with soil, add your favorite plants or herbs, and place them on a windowsill, table, or porch. You can even mix and match different sized and colored bowls to create a unique look.

Pro tip: Be sure to drill drainage holes in the bottom of each bowl to prevent water from accumulating and potentially damaging your plants.

Create DIY Candle Holders

Give your old bowls a cozy and romantic makeover by turning them into candle holders. All you need is some candle wax or pre-made candles, wicks, and a little bit of creativity. You can add a touch of color or fragrance by mixing in essential oils or adding in dried flowers or herbs.

Pro tip: If you’re creating your own candles, use a double boiler to melt the wax and pour it into your bowl. Let them cool and harden before lighting.

Use Them as Serving Dishes

Who says you need fancy serving dishes for your next dinner party? Repurpose your old bowls and use them to serve appetizers, snacks, or even as individual salad bowls. They’re perfect for smaller portions and add a rustic or eclectic vibe to your table setting.

Pro tip: Before using as serving dishes, make sure your old bowls are food safe and can withstand hot or cold temperatures.

Organize Your Space

Give your cluttered space a functional and stylish boost with old bowls. Use them to organize your jewelry, coins, keys, or other small items. You can even use bigger bowls to store fruit, bread, or other kitchen essentials.

Pro tip: Stack bowls on top of each other or utilize a tiered tray to maximize space and add dimension to your organization system.

Make DIY Art

Show off your artistic side and turn your old bowls into unique and eye-catching wall décor. Paint them in your favorite colors and designs, add a 3D element by gluing on buttons, beads, or other embellishments, or use them as the base for a DIY dreamcatcher or mobile.

Pro tip: Use removable wall hooks to hang your art and switch up the design as often as you’d like.

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