How to pack a briefcase for a job interview

How to pack a briefcase for a job interview featured

Choose the right briefcase

The first step in packing for a job interview is selecting the right briefcase. Make sure it is professional-looking and matches your outfit. A leather briefcase or messenger bag is a classic choice that will give off a polished look.

Organize your documents

Your briefcase should contain all necessary documents for the job interview, such as your resume, cover letter, and portfolio. Organize these documents in a folder or binder so they are easy to access and do not become wrinkled or disorganized.

Bring a notepad and pen

It’s always a good idea to bring a notepad and pen with you to a job interview. You may need to take notes, jot down questions, or write down important information. Make sure they are easily accessible in your briefcase.

Pack extra copies

Bring at least two extra copies of your resume and a list of references. This shows that you are prepared and can provide additional copies if needed. Keep them in a separate folder or envelope to keep them organized.

Include personal care items

Don’t forget to include personal care items in your briefcase for a job interview. This includes items like hand sanitizer, breath mints, and a comb or brush. These small items may seem insignificant, but they can help you feel more confident and prepared for the interview.

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