How to make a crayon costume for Halloween?

How to make a crayon costume for Halloween featured

Gather Materials

The first step in creating a crayon costume for Halloween is to gather all the necessary materials. You will need a solid-colored dress or jumpsuit, a cone-shaped party hat in the same color as the outfit, a piece of black fabric or ribbon, white felt, fabric glue, and a sheet of adhesive-backed felt in the color of your chosen crayon.

Create the Hat

The hat will be the focal point of the costume, so it’s important to create it carefully. Cut a circle of black fabric or ribbon and glue it to the hat above the brim. Cut the word “Crayon” out of the white felt and glue it to the front of the hat. Finally, cut a piece of the adhesive-backed felt into the shape of the crayon’s tip and stick it to the top of the hat.

Decorate the Outfit

Using the adhesive-backed felt, cut out the shape of the crayon’s label and attach it to the chest of your outfit. Using a paint pen, write the name of your chosen color (e.g. “Red,” “Blue,” “Green”) on the label. You can also add a band of white felt around the waist of the outfit to simulate the wrapper of a crayon.

Finish the Look

Complete the costume by accessorizing with colored tights, shoes, or gloves. You can also carry a large foam or cardboard crayon as a prop. Additionally, consider styling your hair to match the color of your outfit, such as wearing a red wig for a “Red” crayon costume.

Stand Out in a Group

If you plan to wear your crayon costume as part of a group, consider coordinating your colors with your friends to form a full set of crayons. You can also add some creativity by wearing different styles of hats or using different techniques for creating the labels and other details on the costumes.

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