How to build under stairs storage?

How to build under stairs storage featured

Assess the Space Underneath Your Stairs

The first step in building under stairs storage is to assess the space underneath your stairs. Every staircase is different, so it’s important to measure the dimensions and take note of any obstacles or obstructions that could affect the design and construction of your storage space. Consider the height, width, and depth of the space, as well as any angled or curved sections of the staircase. This assessment will help you determine how much storage space you can create and what type of storage solutions will work best.

Choose the Right Type of Storage

Once you have assessed the space, you can begin to decide on the type of storage that will work best for your needs. There are several options to consider, including open shelves, built-in cabinets, drawers, or a combination of these. Open shelves are ideal for displaying items or storing frequently used items, while cabinets and drawers offer concealed storage for less frequently used or more private items. Consider what you will be storing and how accessible you want it to be when choosing the type of storage for your under stairs space.

Plan the Layout and Design

After determining the type of storage, it’s time to plan the layout and design of your under stairs storage. Consider how you want to divide the space and allocate storage for different items. Think about the placement of shelves, cabinets, and drawers, as well as any additional features you may want to include, such as hooks or racks for hanging items. Take into account the space constraints and any existing features of your staircase, such as handrails or balusters, that may need to be worked around. Sketch out a design or use a computer-aided design (CAD) program to visualize the layout before starting the build.

Gather Materials and Tools

Once you have your layout and design planned, it’s time to gather the materials and tools you’ll need for the build. The specific materials will depend on the type of storage you are building, but common materials include plywood or MDF for shelving, solid wood or veneered plywood for cabinet doors, and hardware such as hinges and drawer slides. Make a list of all the materials you will need and double-check your measurements before purchasing. Additionally, ensure you have the necessary tools on hand, such as a saw, drill, and screws, to complete the project.

Build and Install the Storage

With your materials and tools ready, it’s time to start building and installing your under stairs storage. Begin by cutting the plywood or MDF to the appropriate dimensions for your shelves or cabinets. Assemble the individual components according to your design, using screws or other appropriate fasteners. If you are building cabinets or drawers, make sure to install the appropriate hardware, such as hinges or drawer slides. Once the storage components are built, you can install them in the under stairs space, securing them in place with brackets or screws. Double-check the alignment and make any necessary adjustments before finishing the storage with paint or stain.

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