How do you store a rake properly to prevent damage?

How do you store a rake properly to prevent damage featured

Headline: Introduction

As a gardening tool commonly used all year round, a rake requires proper storage to prevent damage that could reduce its lifespan. Everyone loves a well-kept garden with a variety of lively plants and flowers. However, the perfect landscape requires to maintain the garden and its tools. For a rake, protecting its tines and handle from bends and breaks is critical.

Headline: Clean the rake

The first step to ensure that a rake remains in good condition is to clean it after use. Dirt and mud can stick to the rake tines, making it difficult to use. Cleaning the rake takes less than five minutes and consists of wiping down the tines with a damp cloth. Additionally, if the mud or dirt is stuck, use a dry brush to remove it gently. Alternatively, the rake’s end can be thrust lightly on the ground to remove the mud and dirt.

Headline: Hang the rake

Once the rake is clean and dry, the next step is to store it properly. Storing the rake involves hanging it, which prevents damage to the tines and handle. Hanging the rake also saves space in the garage or storage shed. Several materials can be used to create the hanging space for the rake, including pegboard, wall hooks, and latches. Before choosing the hanging material, check the garage wall or storage to ensure its strength.

Headline: Store the rake flat

Another method of ensuring a rake remains in top condition is by laying it flat. The flat storage process is useful if the garage or storage for the rake is short of space. This method requires creating a designated spot for the rake separate from other gardening tools and equipment. Storing the rake flat also prevents the tines from bending or breaking when stepped on accidentally.

Headline: Cover the rake

Lastly, consider covering the rake with a plastic case or sheet. The cover shields the tool from moisture and prevents rust from forming on the tines. Rust causes the tines to weaken over time, reducing the rake’s effectiveness. The cover also protects the rake’s tines from rust stains that can damage the other gardening tools stored in the same area.

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