How do you properly use a ball-peen hammer?

How do you properly use a ball peen hammer featured

Understanding the Ball-Peen Hammer

A ball-peen hammer, also known as a machinist hammer or engineer’s hammer, is a type of hammer that has two distinct ends – one flat and one rounded. The rounded end is often called the “ball” end, while the flat end is called the “peen” end.

Proper Ways to Use a Ball-Peen Hammer

Typically, ball-peen hammers are used in metalworking, especially in shaping metal pieces. Here are some proper ways to use a ball-peen hammer:

1. Shaping Metal

The ball-peen hammer’s round-end is ideal for creating domes or curves on metal. It’s essential to use the rounded end of the hammer in moderation, as excess use can lead to weakening of the metal.

2. Driving Nails

The flat end of the ball-peen hammer is often used to drive nails and other fasteners into wood. The flat end of the hammer concentrates the force, which makes it easier to drive the nail into thick lines accurately.

3. Removing Dents in Metal

The ball-end of the hammer can be useful in fixing metal dents. Place the curved-end over the dent and give it some taps with a rubber mallet or use a sheet of paper between the hammer and metal surface, to prevent damaging the surface.

4. Metal Forming

Ball-peen hammers are suitable for forming metal components such as thin sheets of aluminium. The hammer helps in fine shaping of metal sheets, using less effort, and ensures precision.

Taking Proper Care of a Ball-Peen Hammer

Your ball-peen hammer will last a long time if correctly cared for. Here’s how to keep it in good shape:

1. Clean it regularly, especially after use, to keep it free from rust and dirt. Use a soft cloth to wipe down the hammer.

2. Store the hammer in a cool and dry place to prevent rusting.

3. Do not use a ball-peen hammer as a pry bar or for rough removal of nails.

4. Avoid using the ball-peen hammer on hardened steel or cast iron.

5. Keep the handle secure at all times by regularly tightening screws or wedges.

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