How do you properly hang a coat?

How do you properly hang a coat featured

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Properly Hang a Coat

Whether you’re coming home from a long day at work or just entering someone’s home, one of the first things most people do is hang up their coat. While it may seem like a simple task, there are actually some proper techniques to hanging a coat that will not only preserve the garment but also make it easier for you to access later. Follow this step-by-step guide to properly hang a coat.

Choose the Right Hanger

One of the most important factors in properly hanging a coat is choosing the right hanger. A sturdy wooden hanger is recommended, as it will hold the weight of the coat without causing any damage. Wire hangers or plastic hangers can cause stretching or indents in the fabric, potentially ruining the shape of the coat.

Hang the Coat Correctly

When hanging a coat, it’s important to do it correctly to ensure the garment remains in good condition. Start by holding the coat at the shoulders with the collar facing up. Gently place the coat on the hanger, making sure the hanger is centered in the neck of the coat. Smooth out any wrinkles and ensure the coat is hanging straight on the hanger.

Keep Good Spacing

When hanging multiple coats in a closet, make sure there is enough space between each hanger to prevent the coats from touching. This will help preserve the shape of each coat and prevent wrinkling or creasing. A good rule of thumb is to leave at least one inch of space between hangers.

Hang Coats in a Safe Place

When hanging coats, it’s important to choose a safe and secure location. Avoid hanging coats in high-traffic areas or near doors, as they may easily get knocked down. Instead, choose a designated coat closet or a specific area in your home where coats will be safe and out of the way.

Hanging a coat seems like an easy task, but it’s important to do it properly to avoid damaging the garment and ensure easy access later. Remember to choose the right hanger, hang the coat correctly, space out multiple coats, and choose a safe and secure location for hanging. Follow these tips to properly hang your coat every time.

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