How do I encourage my pet to drink more water from their bowl?

How do I encourage my pet to drink more water from their bowl featured

5 Tips to Encourage Your Pet to Drink More Water from Their Bowl

Change the Location and Material of Their Bowl

If your pet is not drinking enough water from their bowl, it may be because of its location or the bowl material. Try changing the bowl’s location to somewhere away from their food and making sure it is clean and free from any other scent. Additionally, your pets might prefer drinking from certain types of materials. Experiment with different types of bowls, such as ceramic, stainless steel, or glass, to find one that your pet likes.

Make the Water More Appealing

Your pets may not like the taste of the water in their bowl. Try adding a small amount of low sodium chicken broth or tuna juice to the water to make it more appealing. Another option is to invest in a pet-friendly water fountain, which is not only entertaining but encourages them to drink more water as well.

Try Different Drinking Methods

Your pet might have a preference for different methods of drinking water. Try out different methods such as a bowl, water fountain, or dripping faucet. You could also try using an elevated bowl or adding ice cubes to the water to make it more refreshing and encourage them to drink more water.

Increase Water Intake Through Their Diet

You can also try to increase your pet’s water intake through their diet. Switch to wet food or add water to their dry food to increase their fluid intake. You can also add fresh fruits and vegetables to their diet, like watermelon, cucumbers or oranges, which have high water content and are safe for pets.

Monitor Their Water Intake and Seek Medical Advice If Necessary

It is essential to keep track of their daily water intake and ensure they are getting enough fluids. If you’re concerned, you can measure the amount of water they drink and compare it to how much your pet should be consuming daily. If your pet’s water intake is still inadequate, it is recommended to seek medical advice as it may indicate an underlying health issue.

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