Can you prevent pencil marks from smudging?

Can you prevent pencil marks from smudging featured

The Problem with Smudging Pencil Marks

Smudging pencil marks can be frustrating, especially if you have put in a lot of time and effort into creating a drawing or writing something important. But why do pencil marks smudge in the first place?

When you write or draw with a pencil, the graphite particles from the pencil lead get deposited onto the paper. These particles are loosely bound and can easily be smudged by your hand or other objects. This is especially true if you have a particularly heavy hand or if you accidentally touch the freshly made pencil marks.

Tips to Prevent Pencil Marks from Smudging

If you’re tired of dealing with smudged pencil marks, here are some tips to help prevent smudging:

Use a Fixative Spray

One of the most effective ways to prevent pencil marks from smudging is to use a fixative spray. Fixative sprays are specifically designed to seal pencil, charcoal, and pastel drawings, creating a protective layer that helps prevent smudging and smearing. Simply spray a light coat of fixative over your pencil drawing, following the instructions on the can, and let it dry before touching the drawing.

Avoid Touching the Pencil Marks

Another simple way to prevent smudging is to avoid touching the pencil marks as much as possible. If you tend to have a heavy hand when writing or if you frequently rest your hand on the paper while drawing, you are more likely to smudge the pencil marks. Try to consciously keep your hand lifted above the paper or use a drawing glove that covers the bottom part of your hand to reduce the chances of smudging.

Use a Pencil Grip or Eraser Shield

If you find it difficult to avoid touching the pencil marks, using a pencil grip or an eraser shield can help. A pencil grip is a small rubber or silicone sleeve that fits over the pencil, providing a barrier between your hand and the pencil marks. An eraser shield, on the other hand, is a thin metal or plastic template that can be placed over the pencil marks while erasing to protect the surrounding area from smudging.

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