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Meow Manor Cattery

Meow Manor Cattery is a luxury cattery that offers a variety of services for your cat. They have a home page, an about us page, a gallery, prices, and reviews. Christmas prices are also available.

Opening Hours

Monday: 9AM–4PM
Tuesday: 9AM–4PM
Wednesday: 9AM–4PM
Friday: 9AM–4PM
Thursday: 9AM–4PM
Saturday: 9AM–12PM
Sunday: Closed

a cattery located in Dartford


07411 224494


Meow Manor Cattery prices

Room Type Number of Cats Description Special requirements Price
Superior Suite One Cat Spacious standard suite - £18.00 per day
Superior Suite Two Cats Sharing Spacious standard suite Cats must be from the same household £28.00 per day
NEW Royal Suite Suitable for multi-cat families Extra - large family suite Cats must be from the same household. Suitable for 2 - 6 cats sharing Prices Start From £35.00 per day
Address & Street View |  194 Birchwood Rd, Dartford DA2 7HA

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