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Cozy Catz Cattery

Cozy Catz is a cattery in Norbury, South London, that offers luxury cat boarding and cat sitting services at affordable prices. The cattery is highly recommended and established, having been family-run since 1996. It provides luxury boarding and cat sitting services, especially for your cats.

Opening Hours

Monday: 8–11AM, 4–6PM
Tuesday: 8–11AM, 5–6PM
Wednesday: 8–10AM
Friday: 8–11AM, 5–6PM
Thursday: 8–11AM, 5–6PM
Saturday: 8–10AM
Sunday: 8–10AM

a cattery located in London


020 8679 3697

Cozy Catz Cattery prices

Lodging 1 Cat 2 Cats 3 Cats
Cozy Lodge £13.00/day £19.00/day -
Luxury Suites £15.00/day £21.00/day £24.00/day
Address & Street View |  48 Norbury Ct Rd, London SW16 4HT

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