27 products you will need to prepare food when you'll move in your first apartment

An essential checklist for young adults

So you’re ready for the Great Adventure? About to living alone (or with the – current – love of your life), in your very own apartment?

Here’s a selection of essential items you’ll need to prepare food when moving into your brand new digs.

Check whether you already have these household essentials in your boxes, to make sure you’re prepared for your exciting journey of independence!
everything you need first apartment checklist
A slow cooker is an electrical kitchen appliance that is used to simmer food at fairly low temperature.
A vegetable chopper is a kitchen device that is used to chop and cut vegetables into small bits.
An ice cream maker is a kitchen appliance that is used to prepare ice cream at home.
A cleaver or chopping knife is a very large and heavy knife that is used to cut large pieces of meat.
A flour dredger is a kitchen utensil with a perforated lid that is used to separate clumps of flour before shaking it on dough and food preparations.
A rolling pin is an elongated cylinder with a handle at each end, and is used to shape and flatten dough.
A quiche tin is a metallic tin with undulating sides.
A spoon is a shallow utensil with a long handle used to eat, stir of serve liquid types of food.
A meat baster is a tool that is used to suck up meat juice from an oven tray and squeeze it onto meat to prevent it from drying out.
A serving tray is a wooden or hard plastic dish with handles on each side. It is used to transport and serve food and drinks safely.
A popcorn popper is a kitchen device that is used to prepare popcorn.
A coffee grinder is a device that can grind coffee beans instantly by rotating a handle. This extracts the aroma of the beans and gives more taste to the coffee.
An ice cube tray contains a number of rectangular slots in which water is poured. When stored in a freezer, this water forms ice cubes.
A pastry bag, also known as a piping bag, is a conical bag that is used to squeeze custard or cream through a nozzle onto baked goods and food preparations.
A charcoal BBQ is a barbecue device that cooks foods above burning charcoal.
Kitchen roll is thick paper that is used to clean small amounts of liquid.
A nutcracker is a levered kitchen utensil that is used to crack open the sells of nuts.
A gas lighter is a small handheld device that is used to safely ignite the flame of a gas stove burner.
A loose-based cake tin, also known as a springform pan, is a specific type of cake tin with a removable bottom, which allows a cake to be released without damaging it.
Chop sticks are a pair of wooden or plastic sticks that are used as eating utensils. They originated in Asia.
A juicer is a small kitchen device that is used to extract the juice from fruits and vegetables by crushes and squeezing them.
A ramekin is a small ceramic pot.
A cooking range is a kitchen device that combines an oven and a hob.
An espresso maker is a kitchen appliance that is used to brew a kind of thick, concentrated coffee by forcing very hot pressurized water through ground coffee.
A blender is an appliance that is used to mix food together to make a liquid substance.
A griddle is a cooking pan with a broad flat surface that leaves a griddle design on the food.
A measuring spoon is a kind of spoon that is used to measure a precise amount of a cooking ingredient.

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