27 products you will need to prepare food when you'll move in your first apartment

An essential checklist for young adults

So you’re ready for the Great Adventure? About to living alone (or with the – current – love of your life), in your very own apartment?

Here’s a selection of essential items you’ll need to prepare food when moving into your brand new digs.

Check whether you already have these household essentials in your boxes, to make sure you’re prepared for your exciting journey of independence!
everything you need first apartment checklist
A carving fork, also known as a meat fork, is a kind of fork that is specifically designed to cut larger pieces of meat, a Thanksgiving Turkey for instance.
A skimmer or a kitchen spider is a kitchen utensil that is used to safely lift food from hot liquids. A skimmer is composed of a basket attached to a long handle.
A toaster is a kitchen appliance in which slices of bread are heated and browned.
A mussel pot is a type of pot that is used to cook and serve mussels.
A soda maker is a kitchen appliance that is used to produce soda at home, by adding carbon dioxide and various flavorings to tap water.
A kitchen tap is placed right next to the kitchen sink to provide hot and cold water.
Kitchen roll is thick paper that is used to clean small amounts of liquid.
A meat thermometer is a kitchen utensil that is used to check the internal temperature of meat, especially for larger pieces of meat on BBQs etc.
An egg slicer or egg cutter is a small kitchen utensil to cut hard-boiled egg in even slices.
A loose-based cake tin, also known as a springform pan, is a specific type of cake tin with a removable bottom, which allows a cake to be released without damaging it.
A convection oven is an oven that uses a fan to provide even heat and circulate the hot air around the food.
A vegetable chopper is a kitchen device that is used to chop and cut vegetables into small bits.
A recipe book is a book which details the exact preparation of recipes.
A salad bowl is a type of large bowl that is used to serve salads.
Tongs are a type of kitchen utensil used to easily grip or lift food items, for instance from boiling water.
A meat hammer, or meat tenderizer, is a handheld tool to soften slabs of meat before cooking.
A quiche tin is a metallic tin with undulating sides.
A nutcracker is a levered kitchen utensil that is used to crack open the sells of nuts.
A food torch is a culinary device that drives a flame over food preparations in in order to caramelise the topping.


A wok is a large, circular cooking pot that is commonly used in China to cook and prepare food at extreme heat.
A scoop is a kitchen utensil wit a bowl or a tray on a handle that is used to serve food.
A hood is a device that is situated directly above a kitchen range or stove to remove heat, steam and evaporating grease from the air while cooking.
A bottle is a type of container with a narrow neck and a wider body, that is used to hold liquids.
A mortar and pestle are two kitchen utensils that are used to grind and crush ingredients into a paste or powder.
A pastry nozzle is placed at the tip of a pastry bag. Nozzles can have different shapes and sizes.
A bread proofing basket is used is round or oval basket that supports and shapes bread dough while proofing.
A rolling pin is an elongated cylinder with a handle at each end, and is used to shape and flatten dough.