27 products you will need to prepare food when you'll move in your first apartment

An essential checklist for young adults

So you’re ready for the Great Adventure? About to living alone (or with the – current – love of your life), in your very own apartment?

Here’s a selection of essential items you’ll need to prepare food when moving into your brand new digs.

Check whether you already have these household essentials in your boxes, to make sure you’re prepared for your exciting journey of independence!
everything you need first apartment checklist
A colander is a kitchen utensil destined to drain excess water from food preparations.
An elastic band is a loop made of rubber that can be extended to hold objects together.
A dough scraper is a rectangular knife with a handle. It is used to cut dough or scrape the contents of a bowl.
A casserole is a large, deep ceramic or glass bowl, that is used to cook dishes in the oven.
A rice cooker is an electrical kitchen device that is used to steam or boil rice.
An electric kitchen knife is used to slice larger pieces of food with two serrated blades.
A can opener is a mechanical tool to open metal cans.
A meat thermometer is a kitchen utensil that is used to check the internal temperature of meat, especially for larger pieces of meat on BBQs etc.
A milk frother is a kitchen utensil that is used to aerate milk to create thick foam, called froth.
An avocado tool is a kitchen utensil that is used to safely cut, open and empty an avocado.
A marinade needle is a tool that is used to inject moisture and flavor into pieces of meat.
An oyster shucking knife or stabber is a short type of knife with a large handle, that is used to safely pry open oysters.
A salad spinner, or salad tosser, is a kitchen utensil that is used to wash salad and remove excess moisture afterwards.
A mixer is a kitchen device with rotating elements that mixes the food in a large attached container.
A bread proofing basket is used is round or oval basket that supports and shapes bread dough while proofing.
A cooking range is a kitchen device that combines an oven and a hob.
A tagine is a type of North African ceramic pot that is used to prepare a dish with the same name.
A cutting board, also known as chopping board, is a hard wooden or plastic board used to cut and prepare food.
A crêpe pan is a kind of cookware that is destined to make crêpes, pancakes and blinis.
A carving knife is a knife with a very thin metal blade.
A cheese grater is a kitchen utensil destined to grate a large and hard piece of cheese into small pieces.


A jar is a type of glass container with a screw-on lid.
A saucepan is a circular and high kind of cookware with a long handle.
A biscuit cutter, also known as a cookie cutter, is a metallic device to cut biscuits from dough in particular shapes.
A juicer is a small kitchen device that is used to extract the juice from fruits and vegetables by crushes and squeezing them.
A serving tray is a wooden or hard plastic dish with handles on each side. It is used to transport and serve food and drinks safely.
A spoon is a shallow utensil with a long handle used to eat, stir of serve liquid types of food.

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