27 products you will need to prepare food when you'll move in your first apartment

An essential checklist for young adults

So you’re ready for the Great Adventure? About to living alone (or with the – current – love of your life), in your very own apartment?

Here’s a selection of essential items you’ll need to prepare food when moving into your brand new digs.

Check whether you already have these household essentials in your boxes, to make sure you’re prepared for your exciting journey of independence!
everything you need first apartment checklist
Chop sticks are a pair of wooden or plastic sticks that are used as eating utensils. They originated in Asia.
A melon baller is a small metallic scoop to form and serve perfectly round balls of melon.
A food processor is a kitchen appliance with a strong motor that performs rapid, repetitive actions for the preparation of food. This includes chopping, grinding, cooking and boiling.
An ice cream maker is a kitchen appliance that is used to prepare ice cream at home.
A fork is a kitchen utensil with three of four prongs. It is used to lift food from the plate to a person’s mouth.
A kitchen tap is placed right next to the kitchen sink to provide hot and cold water.
An egg beater is a hand held or mechanical device that is used to quickly beat egg or cream.
A kitchen scale is used to measure the exact weight of ingredients needed for the preparation of food.
A cooking range is a kitchen device that combines an oven and a hob.
A storage container is a hard plastic container that is used to store food. Storage containers can withstand very high and low temperatures.
A funnel is a utensil with a narrow neck and a wide mouth, that is used to pour liquids into a container without spilling.
A coconut scraper is a tool that is used to scrape the contents of a coconut into shreds and curls.
A zester is a small kitchen utensil that is used to grate zest from lemons and other citrus fruit.
A sifter is a small sieve that is used to break up lumps of icing sugar or flour before distributing it onto baked goods or other food preparations.
A pastry nozzle is placed at the tip of a pastry bag. Nozzles can have different shapes and sizes.
A toothpick is a short wooden or plastic stick with a pointy end that is used to remove bits of food that are left in between teeth after a meal.
A salad spinner, or salad tosser, is a kitchen utensil that is used to wash salad and remove excess moisture afterwards.
A milk frother is a kitchen utensil that is used to aerate milk to create thick foam, called froth.
A bread basket is a wicker basket that is used to carry, hold and serve bread.
A pepper mill is a small device that grinds pepper corns to bring out the aromas.
A paring knife is a small sharp knife that can be used for cutting and peeling.
A rolling pin is an elongated cylinder with a handle at each end, and is used to shape and flatten dough.
A pizza cutter is a sharp circular blade attached to a handle, and is used to cut pizzas.
Poultry shears are sturdy clippers that are used to cut through bird bones and separate the poultry.
A meat thermometer is a kitchen utensil that is used to check the internal temperature of meat, especially for larger pieces of meat on BBQs etc.
A bag sealer is a device or machine that uses heat to seal the sides of a bag together, thus closing it.
A reamer is a small wooden wedge that is used to squeeze the juice out of a lemon.