23 products to improve your hygiene routines

An essential checklist for people who're serious about hygiene routines

Keeping yourself & your loved ones clean at all times is essential for a good healthy life. Here’s a shortlist of 23 everyday essentials which can help you improve hygiene routine.
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A training toilet, also called a potty, is a small toilet pot that is used to teach a young child to use a toilet.
A bathroom sink is a small ceramic sink that can be found in a bathroom or lavatory.
An apron is a garment that is worn to protect the clothes during cooking.
A bath towel is a large towel that is wrapped around a person’s body after a shower or a bath.
A cut throat razor is a very sharp, straight type of razor that is used to shave facial hair. Its blade can be folded into its handle.
A shower mitt is a type of glove that is used to wash your skin under the shower.
A wet wipe is a small cloth that has been moistened with lotion.
A diaper is a type of disposable and absorbant underwear for babies.
A disposable razor has a plastic handle and is designed for single use.
A cotton swab is a small stick with a small amount of cotton wrapped around either end. It is used to clean the inside of the ear.
A soap bar is soap that has been pressed in an oval or rectangular shape.
Tweezers are small pincers that are used to grab very small objects and things, like hairs.
A toilet training seat is placed upon a normal toilet seat to reduce its size. It is used to teach young children to use the toilet.
A foot pumice stone is a type of abrasive stone that is used to remove dry skin from a person’s feet.
A diaper changing pad is a soft padded cushion that is placed on a hard surface while changing a diaper.
A bottle steriliser is an appliance that eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria by using steam.
Shower gel is a kind of liquid soap that is used to wash a person’s body under the shower.
A sanitary pad is an absorbant item that is worn by women when menstruating.
A chef’s hat, also known as toque, is part of the traditional chef’s uniform and is placed on the head.
A toothbrush is a specific type of brush that is used to clean the teeth with toothpaste.
A tampon is an absorbant menstrual product that is inserted into a woman’s vagina during menstruation.
A changing table is a high piece of furniture that allows a parent to safely change a baby’s diaper and clothes.
A cuticle nipper is a manicure tool that is used to trim cuticles.

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