27 objects which will help you chill out after a hard day's work

An essential checklist for stressed people

After a long day of hard work, you deserve some quality time. We’ve selected a few essential items which can relieve your stress.

Take a deep breath and chill out, it’s time to relax.
relax hard days work
A roller skate is a shoe that is mounted on four small wheels, two at the front and two at back.
A room diffuser is a small flask that contains fragrant essential oils. It is used to fill the air with a pleasant smell and create a calm atmosphere.
A pillow is a cloth bag that is stuffed with soft material and that is used to rest the head during sleep.
A cassette player is a small device that is designed to record and broadcast audio material stored on a cassette.
A VCR player is a device that enables the recording and broadcasting of audiovisual material on video cassettes.
A cocktail spoon is a type of spoon with a very long handle. It is used to stir the ingredients of a cocktail drink.
A fire pit is a structure made of stone, brick or metal that is destined to contain a fire. It has a decorative function.
A radio is a device that transmits and receives radio waves and enables the broadcasting of sound.
A whisky glass is a specific type of glass that is used to drink whiskey.
A television is a device that transmits electrical signals and displays them as visual images on a screen.
A foot bath is a receptacle that is filled with warm water and soap. It is used to sooth and clean the feet.
A skateboard is a narrow board with 4 wheels fixed to the bottom, two at the front and two at the back.
Bath salt is a pulverised mineral substance that is added to bath water for relaxation and cleaning purposes.
A kitchen chair is a chair that is placed around a kitchen table.
A teddy bear is a soft toy bear that has been named after the former American president Theodore Roosevelt.
An inline skate is a type of roller skate with 4 wheels that have been placed in one line.
Headphones are a pair of loudspeakers joined by a plastic or leather band that is placed over the head and ears to listen to audio material.
A swing bench is a suspended bench that rocks back and forth.
A CD player is an electronic device that is used to play compact discs with audio material.
A cue stick is used to strike the balls on a snooker or billiard table.
A massage pillow is a vibrating pillow that relieves pain and relaxes the body.
An ice skate is an ankle boot with a metal blade fixed to the sole. It is used to skate on ice.
A folding chair is a piece of furniture that can be folded for easy storage.
A DVD player is a device that records or transmits digitally recorded audio-visual material by means of a laser beam.
Slippers are comfortable slip-on shoes that are worn inside.
A deck chair is a wooden or plastic folding chair that is placed outside on a terrace or deck.
A camera is a small optical device with a sealed box and an aperture that is used to record images.