27 objects which will help you chill out after a hard day's work

An essential checklist for stressed people

After a long day of hard work, you deserve some quality time. We’ve selected a few essential items which can relieve your stress.

Take a deep breath and chill out, it’s time to relax.
relax hard days work
A cue stick is used to strike the balls on a snooker or billiard table.
A television is a device that transmits electrical signals and displays them as visual images on a screen.
Headphones are a pair of loudspeakers joined by a plastic or leather band that is placed over the head and ears to listen to audio material.
A CD player is an electronic device that is used to play compact discs with audio material.
A whisky glass is a specific type of glass that is used to drink whiskey.
A kimono is a traditional Japanese robe. This T-shaped dress is wrapped around the body and fastened with a wide belt.
A room diffuser is a small flask that contains fragrant essential oils. It is used to fill the air with a pleasant smell and create a calm atmosphere.
A kitchen chair is a chair that is placed around a kitchen table.
A VCR player is a device that enables the recording and broadcasting of audiovisual material on video cassettes.
Bath salt is a pulverised mineral substance that is added to bath water for relaxation and cleaning purposes.
A DVD player is a device that records or transmits digitally recorded audio-visual material by means of a laser beam.
Slippers are comfortable slip-on shoes that are worn inside.
A massage pillow is a vibrating pillow that relieves pain and relaxes the body.
A flatscreen television is a kind of television that uses digital technology to display audiovisual material on a very thin and flat screen.
A rocking chair is a type of chair that is mounted on rockers that move backwards and forwards.
A soft toy is a stuffed animal in any form or shape.
A foot bath is a receptacle that is filled with warm water and soap. It is used to sooth and clean the feet.
An air purifier is an appliance that improves the quality of the air by removing pollutants through a powerful filter.
An earbud is a very small earphone that is inserted in the ear to listen to music.
A mattress is a thick, soft fabric case that is used for sleeping on.
A cassette player is a small device that is designed to record and broadcast audio material stored on a cassette.
A back scrubber is a kind of hard brush with a long handle, that makes it possible for a person to reach and wash all areas of the back.


A bed is a piece of furniture that is used for sleeping, resting and relaxing.
A cocktail spoon is a type of spoon with a very long handle. It is used to stir the ingredients of a cocktail drink.
A swing bench is a suspended bench that rocks back and forth.
A footstool is a low stool that is placed in front of a chair and that is used to rest your feet upon.
A blanket is a thick, woven kind of cover, that is spread over a bed to keep warm.

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