12 essential products and appliances to bake like a chef

An essential checklist for people serious about baking

You’ve just discovered your passion for baking.

Well done, that’s an amazing activity, for sure!

To prepare delicious bread and succulent cupcakes you’ll need the right tools for the trade.

Here’s our quick checklist of 12 household essentials to impress the whole family. You’ll bake like a chef!
baking like a chef
A pastry nozzle is placed at the tip of a pastry bag. Nozzles can have different shapes and sizes.
A baking tray or sheet pan is a flat, rectangular pan that is used to bake products in the oven.
A measuring glass is a glass container with graduation, used to measure quantities of liquid needed for the preparation of food.
A pot holder is a thick piece of fabric that is used by a person to hold hot pots and pans.
A marinade needle is a tool that is used to inject moisture and flavor into pieces of meat.
A pastry brush, or a basting brush, is used to spread oil, glaze or butter on the surface of food.
A bread proofing basket is used is round or oval basket that supports and shapes bread dough while proofing.
A pastry bag, also known as a piping bag, is a conical bag that is used to squeeze custard or cream through a nozzle onto baked goods and food preparations.
A biscuit cutter, also known as a cookie cutter, is a metallic device to cut biscuits from dough in particular shapes.
A ramekin is a small ceramic pot.
An icing syringe is a tube with a plunger that allows icing to be squeezed onto baked goods.
A cupcake or muffin tray is a metal dish with 6 or 12 preformed cupcake forms.

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