17 decorative items which will help you brighten up your interior


An essential checklist for decoration lovers

It’s time to freshen up your interior. See what’s in store to help you decorate your rooms.
decorating your interior
Curtains are a kind of window covering that consists of heavy fabric that is drawn in front of a window to keep out the light.
A flower vase is a high ceramic or glass container, that is used to present flowers.
A cactus is a kind of plant with spikes.


A rug is a piece of woven textile that is placed on the floor for decorative purposes.
A Christmas wreath is a circular assortment of flowers, twigs and leaves in red and green color tones.
An armchair is a comfortable chair with arm rests.
A samovar is a finely decorated metal container that is used to heat and boil water for the preparation of tea. It originates from Russia.
Roller blinds are a kind of window covering that consists of narrow horizontal slats that are unrolled to keep out the light.
A centerpiece is a large decorative display item that is placed in the centre of a table for decoration.
A bead is a small decorative item that can be tied on a string.
A place card is a small name card that indicates the place a person is assigned to during a formal or festive meal.
A candlestick holder is a metal support that holds a candle in place.
A desk lamp is a type of small standing lamp.
An ottoman is a kind of couch or bench that is placed at the foot of a bed.
A coffee table is a low table that is put in the sitting room to place items such as beverages, remote controls, etc.
A bedside lamp is a small lamp that is placed on a bedside table or next to a bed.
A bookend is a heavy support that is placed at the end of a row of books to keep them from falling over.