17 decorative items which will help you brighten up your interior

An essential checklist for decoration lovers

It’s time to freshen up your interior. See what’s in store to help you decorate your rooms.
decorating your interior
A flower vase is a high ceramic or glass container, that is used to present flowers.
A cactus is a kind of plant with spikes.
A placemat is a round or rectangular flat mat that is placed underneath a plate to protect the table from the heat. Placemats also have a decorative function.
A wind-up toy is a toy that is powered by a clockwork motor.
A desk lamp is a type of small standing lamp.
A matryoshka doll is a traditional Russian toy that consists of several wooden figurines that are placed one inside the other.
A chandelier is a hanging light fixture that was traditionally lined with candles. Nowadays it holds light bulbs.
A key chain is a small decorative object that is attached to a key.
A Christmas tree is an evergreen conifer that is decorated with baubles, garlands and lights during the Christian festive season.
A Christmas garland is type of decoration made from artificial or natural materials. The main colours of a Christmas garland are green and red.
A table cloth is a large piece of fabric that is used to cover a table.
Roller blinds are a kind of window covering that consists of narrow horizontal slats that are unrolled to keep out the light.
A coffee table is a low table that is put in the sitting room to place items such as beverages, remote controls, etc.
A makeup mirror is a small double-sided mirror on a stand. One is a normal mirror, one is a magnifying mirror.
A Christmas stocking is a bag in the form of a sock, that is hung on the fireplace to be filled with small presents by Father Christmas.
A fish bowl is a small transparent water tank, in which small fish are kept.
A bedside lamp is a small lamp that is placed on a bedside table or next to a bed.