17 decorative items which will help you brighten up your interior

An essential checklist for decoration lovers

It’s time to freshen up your interior. See what’s in store to help you decorate your rooms.
decorating your interior
A Christmas wreath is a circular assortment of flowers, twigs and leaves in red and green color tones.
A fish bowl is a small transparent water tank, in which small fish are kept.
A plant pot is a container that is used to grow plants.
A candle is an object made from wax with an ignitable wick, that is used to produce light.
A toy shelf is a shelf that is used to display toys.
A bead is a small decorative item that can be tied on a string.
A bedside lamp is a small lamp that is placed on a bedside table or next to a bed.
A table cloth is a large piece of fabric that is used to cover a table.
Curtains are a kind of window covering that consists of heavy fabric that is drawn in front of a window to keep out the light.
An ottoman is a kind of couch or bench that is placed at the foot of a bed.
A side table is a small table that is placed next to a bed or an armchair.
A samovar is a finely decorated metal container that is used to heat and boil water for the preparation of tea. It originates from Russia.
A bonsai tree is a type of tree that is deliberately kept small. The bonsai art is a traditional Japanese art form.
A bedside table is a small table that is place next to a bed. It is used to place items such an alarm clock or a lamp.
A cactus is a kind of plant with spikes.
A houseplant is a type of plant that can grow indoors in a plant pot.
A cocktail stick is a short wooden stick with a decorative end. It is used to present small items such as olives or pieces of cheese.

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