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Zapier review

Main use case: automation

Our honest opinion about Zapier

Zapier has become a household name in the world of online automation, the glue of the internet. It’s used for a wide range of use cases, from the basic transfer of leads from one software to another to more sophisticated filter-based rules with multiple steps.

Cheapest premium plan: $19.99 per month

It’s been a while since I checked Zapier’s pricing. When I signed up there was a Professional plan with 50 zaps and 15,000 tasks (operations) for $49 per month (that’s what I pay at time of writing). The current pricing structure offers far less tasks for $49 (2,000 per month) but unlimited zaps, which partly compensates since you can easily run out of tasks with complex zaps. I would stick to Zapier when you can’t use integromat and move non-time-sensitive operations (which can be processed once a day) to integromat. For instance I’ve programmed on integromat daily transfers of email subscribers from Elementor forms to Sendinblue when I don’t need to reply immediately to the subscribers. It saves zaps and operations.
Zapier Free plan available: YES

Zapier is best for

non-coders who need a swiss army knife for all kinds of automation purposes. As mentioned earlier Zapier is now an essential pivot in data transfers all over the internet. There will always be occasions when you need Zapier, Integromat or another similar tool to move data between different applications. If you have never used automation, it’s worth having a look at one of these solutions to improve your efficiency. There’s no point copy-pasting data from a spreadsheet to a CRM.
Founded in 2011
Country: USA

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