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Whereby review

Main use case: conference call

Our honest opinion about Whereby

I hate Skype and I don’t like Zoom. Basically I don’t like video software when you need to go through multiple steps and wait for a sequence to boot before starting a call. Whereby works in the browser. It opens instantly. You can create a room and share a direct link to the room. Anyone who wants to enter the room has to knock on the door. You see them and let them in. It’s that simple. You can obviously share your screen and chat in the web app. No need to download anything except a lightweight Chrome add-on for screen sharing. Skype is so 2010. Software like Whereby is the future of online conference calls. The company, originally a summer intern project, started in 2013 under the name I was one of their early users.

Cheapest premium plan: $14.99 per month

As an individual user, I don’t really need their premium options but if you have more than 3 team members and need a more robust solution, you can subscribe to their affordable plan.
Whereby Free plan available: YES

Whereby is best for

everyone. If you’re fed up with Skype’s phone-like ringing booting sequences or Zoom multi-step onboarding process, give Whereby a try. It’s fast, reliable and works in the browser. It’s your personal online meeting room, available at all times, in one simple click. I’m biased, I just love web apps.
Founded in 2013
Country: Norway

Whereby introduction on Youtube

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