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Main use case: seo

Our honest opinion about Semrush

I’ve never been a premium user of SEMRush but I sometimes use their free quota for a quick search, if I want to get a second opinion after collecting numbers on ahrefs. Both platforms have their own authority score (Domain Rank on Semrush, Domain Rating on ahrefs (you also have Domain Authority – DA on Moz)) but we’re talking about a similar concept. You won’t have huge discrepancies between those tools.

Cheapest premium plan: $99.95 per month

usually when you’re into SEO, you’re either an ahrefs or a semrush fan. I’ve always been more inclined to use ahrefs but you can get similar data from semrush, with a slightly different UX/UI. Price wise, we’re at a similar mark, starting at $99(.95) per month, which makes it an expensive but valuable subscription
Semrush Free plan available: YES

Semrush is best for

everyone in need of a SEO tool delivering a good user experience and quality data. You’ll have to make a choice between ahrefs or semrush, both at the price level, or purchase both for a limited period if you want to compare the data. My personal preference, at the moment, goes to ahrefs
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Country: USA

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