Scrapestorm review

Main use case: scraping

Our honest opinion about Scrapestorm

I have tested multiple web scrapers (incl. SimpleScraper and Phantombuster) and this one is honestly the best I’ve experienced so far. The developers say it’s AI-powered and I can confirm there’s some advanced form of content recognition built in the software. The UX is very intuitive and the application feels very solid. I love the way it shows you the progress of a scraping session, the export options and the process to dig into deeper layers of a website. I’ve successfully used the service to compile data to seed a few research projects. The pricing is also very competitive.

Cheapest premium plan: $49.99 per month

You can test the service for free but if you want to export more than 100 rows of results you’ll need to upgrade to a premium plan, which allows you to export up to 10,000 rows per day, which is more than enough for most small scale research projects. At $49.99 per month, ScrapeStorm is a reliable and affordable solution.
Scrapestorm Free plan available: YES

Scrapestorm is best for

content creators who need to rapidly collect structured data to seed a research project. It’s very handy for some local SEO campaigns for instance, when you need a list of cities to create local pages or a list of online publishers to kickstart an outreach campaign
Founded in 2018
Country: China

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