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Restream review

Main use case: live streaming

Our honest opinion about Restream

Restream is a platform which enables you to live stream to multiple destinations simultaneously (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Linkedin, etc.). You can connect it to OBS Studio or use their built-in live streaming studio where you can invite multiple guests, as you would on Skype but without the need of extra software.

Cheapest premium plan: $16 per month

If you just stream to Facebook personal pages and a Youtube destination, you don’t need the premium plan. But if you want to live stream to a Facebook Page, Group or a custom RTMP destination, then you’ll need to subscribe to the entry level premium plan. The software is very easy to use, with native integrations to most video platforms.
Restream Free plan available: YES

Restream is best for

musicians, teachers and other people who need a reliable solution to live stream to multiple destinations at once. Restream has become an essential part of the basic live streaming toolkit.
Founded in 2014
Country: USA

Restream introduction on Youtube

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