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Rapid API review

Main use case: API

Our honest opinion about Rapid API

Rapid API gives you access to thousands of APIs published on its marketplace by third-party developers. The cool thing is that you only need one API key, Rapi API’s key, to authenticate with all the APIs marketed on Rapid API. Some of them are free but most of them will require a premium subscription. The developer gets 80% of the revenue made through the marketplace.

Cheapest premium plan: Free to access, premium plans vary

The marketplace itself is free to access but you’ll have to subscribe to a premium plan for most APIs. The price varies depending on the API.
Rapid API Free plan available: YES

Rapid API is best for

developers with a basic understanding of the API concept, who want to easily access a wide variety of services without the hassle of having to sign up for each API separately. You only need one key to access all APIs. Very smart concept!
Founded in 2015
Country: USA

Rapid API introduction on Youtube

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