Publii review

Main use case: websites

Our honest opinion about Publii

If your website project is basically a blog which won’t require dynamic changes and a lot of front-end tweaking, it’s worth considering building it as a static website. There are multiple static sites generators, such as Gatsby, Jekyll, Next, Hugo, Hexo,.. Publii, based on Vue.JS, is a wysiwyg CMS to easily create and manage a static site, which can be hosted where you want (S3, Netlify,…). The app itself runs on your computer, not in the cloud. Static sites are faster, easier to maintain and more secure than sites built with traditional CMS solutions. The only downside is that it takes a while to push the update from the local app to the server since the system will go through all the pre-existing posts if there’s any interconnecting widget (like a “related posts” feature). So it’s wiser to avoid the static site route if you’re building a property with thousands of interconnected pages.

Cheapest premium plan: Free to use

Publii is open source and free to download. You can purchase premium themes, usually priced at EUR 29. But you will also find free themes.
Publii Free plan available: YES

Publii is best for

anyone who wants to build a simple blog or site which doesn’t rely on dynamic data and doesn’t require a lot of front-end tweaking. Publii works out of the box, is very easy to understand and helps you create beautiful responsive static websites in a snap
Founded in 2017
Country: Poland

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