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Notion review

Main use case: all-round solution

Our honest opinion about Notion

There is so much you can do with Notion. Where should I start? Maybe by telling you what I’m doing with it. It has replaced Evernote as my web clipping tool, to collect and organize web links. It creates beautiful lists which can be tagged and displayed both as tables or grids of visual cards. I also use it for all our research projects. The amazing thing with Notion is that you can mix text and inline tables + multimedia content (images, videos (incl. Loom presentations), code snippets,..) on the same page. No need to switch between Docs and Sheets anymore. You can also create timelines, Kanban boardsn checklists and other interactive widgets. You can share full projects or specific sub-pages. You can instantly sort or filter tables, much easier than you would in Excel or Google Sheets. You can create software documentation, onboarding flows with checklists, etc. I could write for hours about Notion and I probably will, at some point. If you’ve never used it, start today, it’s a game changer.

Cheapest premium plan: $4 per month

Even if I could have stayed a free user for a while, I had to pay for this tool which has become such an essential part of my daily routines. I use it for everything, all the time. I needed unlimited file uploads and I’m looking forward to their content API, coming soon.
Notion Free plan available: YES

Notion is best for

everyone. I don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t use Notion. It’s great for your personal projects, great for students, great for work, great just to collect and organize information. The pace at which they release new features is so impressive. This company is only 2 years old (in 2020)… They’re replacing so many inconsistent tools with an elegant UI, close to perfection. It’s the best way to present and share information, period. People even start building full websites with Notion, on custom domains. And it’s only the beginning.
Founded in 2018
Country: USA

Notion introduction on Youtube