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Lucidchart review

Main use case: productivity

Our honest opinion about Lucidchart

I’ve been using Lucidchart for a few years for a variety of applications: wireframing, mindmaps, flow charts, etc. It’s a great way to outline and share an idea or a process, to draft the architecture of a web project or simply to structure your thoughts in a visual way.

Cheapest premium plan: $5.95 per month

You can try the product for free. If you need unlimited documents and more storage, you’ll have to upgrade to the very affordable Basic Plan.
Lucidchart Free plan available: YES

Lucidchart is best for

anyone who needs a quick affordable application to structure their thoughts in a visual way, for ideation, promotional or reporting purposes. Lucidchart recently launched a new feature: a virtual whiteboard where you can easily add your thoughts with sitcky notes and freehand drawing.
Founded in 2008
Country: USA

Lucidchart introduction on Youtube

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