Integromat review

Main use case: automation

Our honest opinion about Integromat

Usually I would only use one SaaS per service type but for process automation I use both Zapier and Integromat. Most of my CRM rules are handled by Zapier (transferring leads from a form to multiple destinations) while I use Integromat for more complex scenarios, like populating Google Sheet rows via HTTP API calls to prepare the structured content for WordPress custom post types. It might seem like a trivial UX detail but I love to see the way rules are executed through a series of modules in integromat. It feels very satisfying.

Cheapest premium plan: $9 per month

Integromat pricing is based on the amount of operations and the bandwidth you’ll need for your automations. So it basically depends on the complexity of your scenarios. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve had enough most of the time with the basic $9 plan for quite a large amount of manually triggered scenarios and a couple of scheduled processes.
Integromat Free plan available: YES

Integromat is best for

non-coders who need a visual way to handle API calls and other programmatic rules in a complex process. There are a lot of SaaS natively supported by Integromat. You can also integrate most APIs via their HTTP module, which offers multiple types of authentication (straight POST or GET request, Basic Auth request, OAuth 2.0 request, etc.). Integromat can also serve as a nice complement to Zapier for rules whch you can run in batches once or twice a day.
Founded in 2016
Country: Czech Republic

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