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DeepL review

Main use case: translation

Our honest opinion about DeepL

DeepL is a German company competing with Silicon Valley’s giants (Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Amazon,…) in the field of machine learning-powered automated translation. They’re delivering outstanding results, usually far better than those giant competitors. They also offer an API ($5.49 per month + usage billed at $25 per 1M translated characters).

Cheapest premium plan: $6.99 per month

You can translate a limited amount of text for free on DeepL website. They offer multiple premium plans starting at $6.99 per month as well as an API access for $5.49 per month + usage.
DeepL Free plan available: YES

DeepL is best for

anyone who’s looking for quality AI-powered automatic translation (12 languages available at time of writing). DeepL was launched by the founder of Linguee, the immensely popular online translations repository.
Founded in 2017
Country: Germany

DeepL introduction on Youtube

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