Best Portable PA systems

We have spent a few hours comparing the best portable PA systems currently available on Amazon. Here is our hand-curated selection, six models which truly stand out. This will facilitate your own search.

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Prices range from $100 (ION) to $1200 (Electro-Voice). All of these powerful portable PA systems have garnered mostly 5-star reviews on Amazon. 

They all offer an onboard mixer and some of them are supplied with a wired microphone. 

All feature Bluetooth connectivity to stream music from a mobile device. Simply make your choice in the list below, check the price on Amazon and have a blast! 

What makes a great portable PA system?


you want to carry it in a single trip from your car to the venue

Ease of use

your PA system must be easy to set up and break down, in just a few minutes

Sound quality

your don’t want distortion and crackles but absolute clarity in mid-high and a fat bottom end


a proper portable PA system must endure frequent repeat trips and stand the test of time


when possible you don’t want to carry an external mixer and at all times you must be able to seamlessly connect a mobile device, via Bluetooth

The Block Rocker Plus by ION has many great features which make it an absolute Best Seller on Amazon. It has a rechargeable battery which can last up to 50 hours. It delivers a powerful 100W at peak power, with a Bass Boost button to crank up the low end. If you don’t have a Bluetooth connection on your music device, no problem, you can connect it to the active speaker via the AUX input. The Block Rocker Plus also offers a USB port to charge your phone, tablet or MP3 player. You also get a microphone and its cable in the box. At time of writing the ION Audio Block Rocker Plus had nearly 5,000 raving reviews on Amazon, for a price just below $120.
The Audio Block Rocker Plus is a solid small portable speaker, boasting 100W in a very compact format.
If you’re looking for a professional portable active PA system, JBL is one of the leading brands you should consider. They were among the first manufacturers to offer a portable all-in-one linear-array solution. It’s not the cheapest active PA system on our list but it’s definitely a must-have if you’re serious about sound quality and want to deliver a strong impact at your live gigs. This portable linear-array delivers 380 watts of power at 118 DB max SPL. The system is very easy to carry with just one-hand (the high frequency speaker is neatly packed into the base unit). One speaker column is enough to cover a very wide space.
The JBL Professional EON ONE, the most streamlined PA system by JBL, features a powerful 6-channel mixer with easy-to-use controls to mix vocals and instruments straight from the PA system. For a simple setup (one instrument + one singer), you don’t need to carry an additional mixer. If you need more inputs, then you can connect a small mixer to the jack / RCA stereo input. You can also connect mobile devices via Bluetooth and extra monitors via the Monitor Out section, with a dedicated volume knob.
If you need a powerful system for your club, this is a very affordable option, at less than $550 for a full package including 1 active subwoofer driving both a passive subwoofer and 2 line array speakers. The full system delivers 4000 watts peak / 1000 watts RMS. You can instantly pair Bluetooth devices to the PA system. At the back of the active subwoofer you’ll find a 4-channel mixer (+ a media player for the external Bluetooth-connected device or a USB drive / SD Card). There are individual bass / treble / volume contros for each input.
You can deliver a powerful sound experience for a room of up to 500m2 / 200 people with this active PA system. The sound is clear and thrilling, resonance-free. The height of the speaker columns is adjustable from 65″ to 85″. Bear in mind that the full system is quite heavy to carry (125lbs in total).
The Electro-Voice 30M advanced Class-D amplifier delivers up to 1000W of power (500W to the subwoofer and 500W to the array). You can connect your gear straight into the subwoofer. The Dynacord digital mixer features 4 XLR/TRS mic/line inputs, 1 XLR/TRS combo stereo line input, 1 RCA, 1 x 3.5mm stereo, 1 Hi-Z instrument input.
The M in the name stands for “Mixer”. You can control the sound of the system both via the control panel or via the app, available on iOS and Android. You can control up to six Evolve 30M systems from the app. No need to carry an external mixer. The Electro-Voice 30M offers a great 120° dispersion of sound. You can fill the room with just one unit.
Behringer is the absolute market leader when it comes to affordable professional sound equipment, crushing it in all categories. This portable PA system is no exception to the rule. It delivers up to 2000W of power and comes with a 8-channel mixer incl. 4 mic preamps with 48 volts (Phantom). You can connect a wireless Behringer microphone (sold separately). The system is supplied with a wired microphone.
You will love the precision of sound controls via the onboard mixer, incl. a 7-band EQ with FBQ feedback detection. You also get a state-of-the-art KlarkTeknik multi-fx processor. Left-Right Main levels can be controlled separately. The 3 parts of the set (2 speakers and the mixer unit) combine in a single box, very easy to carry in one single trip. You can set up or break down the system in a few minutes. This great active PA system costs less than $1000.
Fender, a brand we know and love for their guitars and amplifiers, has developed a range of portable PA systems. This Fender Passport system delivers up to 175 watts of power and comes with a 7-channel mixer, so you don’t need to carry an external mixer for simple gigs and conferences. The 3 parts of the system (2 speakers + central unit) are combined into a neat portable package, very easy to carry, set up and break down. The unit offers bluetooth connectivity to easily stream music from your mobile device.
From an iconic brand loved by all musicians comes a very portable PA system with an effective onboard mixer. The system is priced around $400 for its Conference model, which makes it a very affordable option for small to medium-size audiences. The Event model, roughly $200 more expensive, delivers 375 watts and the Venue model (just below $900) up to 600 watts, which makes it perfect for medium to large audiences.