14 types of rooms in a house and the household essentials you can find in each room

On this page we will list 14 different room types. For each room we will also list a selection of everyday items from our directory of household essentials

rooms in a house

Room #1: the bedroom

This is an essential room in your house, the place where you’ll sleep. There can be multiple bedrooms in a house, either on the upper floors or on the ground floor. Sometimes you’ll even find bedrooms in the basement.


Room #2: the bathroom

The bathroom is another essential room in every contemporary house. This is the room where you’ll take a shower or a bath. 

Usually you also have a toilet in the bathroom. In public spaces in the USA, bathrooms / restrooms are the name used for toilets (in the UK). 

Some homes have multiple bathrooms at different levels. These can be ensuite (connected to a bedroom) or standalone. 

bathroom image

Room #3: the living room

The living room, which can also be the family room, is the place where you’ll gather with your family and friends for a chat, to watch TV, to read a book or just to relax. 

In the living room you’ll usually find the following furniture: a couch / sofa, armchairs, a TV set and a small table. 

living room

Room #4: the dining room

The dining room is the place where the occupants of a house will gather either for family lunches / dinners or to host their guests. There’s usually a larger table surrounded by 6 or more chairs in the dining room. 

The dining room can be attached to the kitchen or a completely separated room. 

dining room

Room #5: the leisure room

The leisure room is a place where you can relax, play games, exercise, watch TV, etc. Not all houses have a dedicated leisure room. For smaller homes, the living room also plays the role of a leisure room. Leisure rooms can also be called family rooms. You’ll find all sorts of entertainment appliances in a leisure room. 

leisure room

Room #6: the office

With the rise of remote working, more an more people work from home. They need a dedicated room to focus on their work, this is the office. When both partners work from home, they either have their own office or share the same office space. This the room where you’ll find most of the professional computer gear in the home but also sometimes a coffee maker or a tea kettle.  

Office desk

Room #7: the kitchen

The kitchen is THE essential room in any house. This is where you’ll prepare food but also, in most cases, have breakfast, lunch and dinner, except for special occasions when you’ll gather in the dining room. Some kitchens also play the role of a family room, equipped with a TV set. People spend a lot of time and also a lot of money in their kitchen!


Room #8: the basement

You won’t spend a lot of time in the basement (or in the attic) but this is an essential room in your house since it allows you to store a lot of the stuff that you don’t need on a daily basis. The basement (cellar) is also usually the place where wine lovers will keep their bottles. It’s important to make sure that your basement is dry, free of moisture. 


Room #9: the garage

If you have one or multiple car(s), you usually have a garage to park your car(s) at night. Garages tend to be larger in suburban areas, where there’s more space to build them, either under the house or next to the house. Even if you don’t have a car, a garage space can be very handy to store stuff you can’t fit in your cupboards. People who don’t have a dedicated laundry room can also place their washing machine / clothes dryer in the garage.


Room #10: laundry room

The laundry room is the space where you’ll have your washing machine, your clothes dryer. You can also store in the laundry room the tools and appliances you’ll use for cleaning purposes. Very often the laundry room is located near the kitchen and/or the garage. 

laundry room

Room #11: sitting room

In some houses, you have separate spaces for the living room and the sitting room. As the name implies, the sitting room usually consists of a basic setup of sofa / couch, armchair(s) where you can sit and relax. Some people will keep the sitting room electronics-free, dedicated to the simple pleasure of reading. Others will put their TV in the sitting room and keep the living room TV-free to entertain their guests without TV distraction. 

sitting room

Room #12: hallway

The (entrance) hallway isn’t a room per se but it’s an essential place in your home. This is the first impression you’ll give to your guests and it’s where you’ll store family gear you’ll use on a daily basis (coats, shoes, hats, keys,…). You should keep your hallway tidy at all times. 


Room #13: playroom

If you have kids, it’s nice to have a dedicated room where they can gather and have fun with their toys. This is the playroom. Adults can also have their playroom. Men for instance will sometimes have a man cave, equipped with a bar, snooker table, arcade games, gaming console, etc.   

play room

Room #14: baby room

If you’re expected a baby, you’ll usually set up a dedicated baby room, where you’ll have a crib, a changing table and all sorts of baby-friendly accessories. When your baby grows up, this room can become his/her bedroom or can be converted into a playroom, a sitting room or an office space.

baby room